Pooling Points

Get rewards faster by pooling points. It’s easy. Simply combine your points with your family and friends.

What is Pooling Points?

Pooling points means you can combine your RBC Rewards points from all of your RBC Bank card accounts. You can even combine points with your family and friends' RBC Bank card points. This allows you to redeem the rewards you want faster.

Get Started Pooling Points With Family and Friends
Pooling Points

Pool My Points

Pool all of your RBC Reward points

Have more than one RBC account? You can pool all of the points you earn with any of your own RBC Bank Credit cards to get Rewards even faster.

Pool My Points
Pool Points With Others

Pool your points with family and friends

You can even pool points with trusted friends and family members. To pool points with a family member or a friend you must send an invitation.

Pool Points With Others

Pooling Points basics:

  • To start a pool, send an invite to other RBC Bank cardholders inviting them to join you.
  • To pool the points earned with your own RBC Bank Credit cards, you will need to e-mail an invitation to yourself.
  • To join an existing pool, you will need to be invited by a member of that pool.
  • Every time you log in you'll see the total number of points your pool has earned.
  • All members of a pool can redeem points for rewards from the pool at any time.
  • You can have different RBC Rewards cards in different pool. For example, you could have your RBC Bank Credit card in one pool, and have another one of your RBC Bank Credit cards in another. However, you cannot have the same card in more than one pool.
  • If someone is already in a pool with one card, they must unlink their current pooled account to join another pool.
Remove Your Account From A Pool