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You can easily transfer your points from one account to another.

Transferring RBC Rewards Points

How to Transfer Points
Choose the type of account you’d like to transfer points to then select the amount of points available in your account that you would like to transfer to a second valid RBC Rewards account. You must know the full name and 16-digit card number of the recipient RBC Reward account to complete this redemption request.

Transfer points to a Canadian account

You may transfer your U.S. RBC Rewards points to a Canadian Avion Rewards account in your name.

  • Points are available to transfer in increments of 5,000.
  • Points are converted at a 2 to 1 ratio from RBC Bank to RBC Royal Bank of Canada - meaning for every 2 RBC Bank Rewards Points transferred, you will receive 1 RBC Royal Bank of Canada Avion Rewards points.

Once points are transferred, points will be guided by the Terms and Conditions of the RBC Avion Rewards Program at RBC Royal Bank of Canada.

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Transfer points to a U.S. account

You may transfer your RBC Rewards points to a second RBC Rewards account in your name or transfer RBC Rewards points to a family member or friend with an RBC Rewards account.

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